The perfect sentence

So I have had a list of my favorite phrases I have heard and then stolen all the while acting like its my own. Don’t act like you haven’t done this before. So here it is. Road sodas, beat feet, throw hands, walking around money, cool your jets, and I think that’s it. Additionally, I like to construct sentences out of these phrases as often as possible.  I.e. can I get some walkin’ around money and beat feet to the store  and pick up some road sodas before I gotta throw hands… Cool your jets.  And there you have it, the perfect sentence.


DeLorean Nike Dunk 6.0’s

When I read the title I thought bttf 2 space shoes but no, I’ve been teased once again. These are DeLorean inspired shoes but that doesn’t make them any less sick.

Now, as a nod back to the Back To The Future franchise, Nike has released DeLorean Dunk 6.0’s.

If we wear them and run at 88 mph REALLY fast, will we travel back to 1955? Or the old west? Or maybe somewhere new?!?!?

I feel like Nike owes me a pair considering I recently saw the re-release of bttf in theaters…and it was amazing, but they seriously should get me a pair or two so I can give my shoe obsessed bro a pair too. We’ve had blu-rays, a video game, card game, hats, DeLorean hard drives, and now DeLorean shoes!

Yes, I ripped off some of the text but I edited the really cheesy parts, so you’re welcome.

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See Mom, videogames DON’T melt my brain!


A recent study has shown that test groups who played action games over strategic and slow-paced games are much more perceptive. They can survey their surroundings and make informed decisions up to 25% faster. Maybe that’s why I can pick out my clothes and get ready an hour before my wife.

As a kid we have all heard that games destroy brain cells, mak yoo dummer (kidding), but this study shows it’s not true, so take that mom!

Read the full article for legitimate news.

Waiting for the End -Linkin Park

This is one of the first videos I wasn’t thinking, “Yeah, I could probably do that in After Effects…with a hundred hours”. I love the 3d projection look and the new sound linkin park got with this song. I was just thinking last week that I’m not really a big Linkin Park fan, but after seeing this video I can at least drool over the amazing effects.

Anyway, enjoy the impressive effects and maybe you will see something this sweet from me in the video department. I’ve been wanting to create a music video for a while now.


Making of video.


After watching the making of video I have a glimpse of how they achieved the impressive effects. I have my own explanation of how they did it and I’m holding onto it no matter how wrong my assumptions may be(it makes my head hurt less)…and it’s not elf magic, I ruled that out because it’s still November.


This was heavily inspired by biker and Native American motifs. They hatch marks and rough outline mirror the rough biker exterior.

Dog Fight

Dog Fight

Another piece for ChrisCo Custom Creations clothing line. Contrary to popular belief, pin-Up girls were not the only graphics on military planes. The shark face became an icon in WWII and has since been duplicated on everything from hats to skateboards to tattoos.

This is Who I Am

Drawing before he could ride a big boy bike, Jon has had a passion for all things creative since
he was a small boy. At age 5 he made the pivotal and excruciating choice of a career in art
over paleontology. He loved dinosaurs but he decided if he could never ride one then
what’s the point.

Always on top of his class, he only had his older brother to push his artistic abilities. Throughout
school Art, Recess, and Lunch were his 3 favorite subjects (in that order).

Shoe customization was introduced to him fairly early on. Joining forces with his brother, the
pair reformed the genre into an art form. Designing insoles, tongue tags, and leather uppers,
switched his focus from art to design.

Throughout his professional training he was told design was not art but deep down he knew
design was art with its business suit on. His time spent with the amazingly talented professionals
at Iowa State University molded all of his artistic background into the illustrating designer he is
today. ISU honed his obsession for fixing flawed design and formed him into an art director
never short on helpful suggestions.

Don’t hesitate to email questions, comments, and projects, to